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PPALstore Version 1.2
Yes, there is a shopping cart script that is PayPal compatible and you've found it!

PPALstore is an easy to use online shopping cart cgi script that passes all credit card sales to PalPal for processing while maintaining the ability to accept alternative methods of payment. PPALstore simplifies the process of accepting credit cards from your web site. By creative use of option files just about any calculation can be performed automatically.

PPALstore Details
PPALstore is your shopping cart solution if you want to accept online payments by PayPal for all of your credit card orders. Don't go the expensive route of web credit card acceptance! Don't spend your money on secure certificates, merchant accounts etc. Start selling tommorrow with PPALstore!

Additionally the header and footer files provide for easy store-wide consistency to ensure your store looks like your web site. PPALstore works with almost all currencies and through the easy configuration of option files can provide all the flexibility you need for your store configuration of shipping fees, add-ons, extras etc.

If you're not familiar with PayPal please click here to learn about this secure transaction service.